Print multiple booklet pages on 1 sheet



Please I would appreciate your help on this.
I have a 32-page document which I want to print is a booklet. Each page is an A6 in size. I have already set the book-fold option, which means that I will be printing on A5 paper Landscape. (i.e. 2 A6 pages = 1 A5 folded inhalf). Up to this point no problem.
Now my problem: I want to print on A2 size sheets. Effectively, that means I should be able to print eight (8) A5 booklet pages per A2 sheet.
Just to explain further, the normal book fold will print pages 32 and 1 on an A5 sheet.
But what I want is to print pages 32 and 1, followed by pages 30 and 3, followed by pages 28 and 5, and so on until pages 17 and 16, ALL ON THE SAME A2 SHEET. (= 8 A5 booklet pages or 16 single A6 pages per A2 sheet)
My reason for wanting to do this is to save costs of plate-making and impression, and overall production costs.
One crude option will be to copy the text page for page into CorelDraw, andthen manually arrange them to print in the right order on the A2 sheet.
But If I can get this done from word or publisher, I would be happy.
I am using Word 2013.
I appreciate any qualitative help or advice. Thanks and God bless.

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