Problem with database export in Visio 2003 (SP1)



There is a problem with the database export Wizard in Visio 2003 when
exporting in a Access 2002 database. After exporting a table in a Access
database, the add-on program does not disconnect from the database. If I am
looking at the repertory where the access file is located on my PC, there is
still a .ldb file (access lock file) associated with my mdb file. I cannot
erase my mdb file (database) or that ldb file. The only way to delete that
database is to close Visio and the ldb disappear. Even if I am closing the
drawing (.vsd) from which the export was made, and reopen a new drawing the
access file does not let me delete the database.
I have the latest patch for Visio (SP 1 : 11.4301.6360).

Does anyone knows is there a way new patch coming. By the way, Visio is
really, really greedy for memory. I hope this will be fixed in the new patch.



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