Problem with enterprise task custom field on ProjectSummaryTask in amaster project



Hi all,
I'm developing an add-in for Microsoft Project 2010 Pro using Visual
Studio 2010.

Purposes of the add-in:
- Create some enterprise projects, save them and publish to PWA.
- Create a master project that consolidates groups of those
subprojects, save and publish it to PWA.

All seems to work nice but I have a problem with an enterprise task
custom field.
We decided to use it on the project summary task on subprojects. I've
saved it on all subprojects with no problem, I mean: if I open a
single subproject in Project client I can see its contents on project
summary task.

The problem goes out when I need to see the task custom field values
in the master project (the project that consolidates all
When I open the master project in Project client I can't see any value
in the custom field's column on the related summary task of the
It doesn't happen, anyway, if I insert a column belonging to a project
custom field (this issue seems to be related only to task custom

What is the reason for this behavior?
Thanks for any help.

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