Problem with table re-sizing



I'm a bit of a newbie to this....

I have made a web site on my desktop which works great. Most of the
pages use tables which have text or photos in the cells.

When I look at it on my laptop which has a smaller resolution all the
cells are re-sized smaller and the photos and text all bunched up too
close together etc.

How can I fix the width of the cells so that they stay the same no
matter what resolution the screen is. I don't mind if a scroll bar is
needed on a low res screen.

I am using Frontpage 2002


Place your curser anywhere in the table, right click and choose Table
Set the width you require for the table in pixels.

The table cells will size themselves according to their content, but
within the confines of the table provided the table width chosen is big
enough to accommodate the images in any row.

If you wish to go further, set the width of each cell (need only to set
the top row) using cell properties.

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