Protected Form in word 2002



I have a word 2002 document and I am using some form
controls in it. After I protect the document I can tab
threw the fields and enter the data I want. The problem I
am having is that after every field in the document if I
hit the enter key It moves everything down. Shouldnt the
document be protected where nothing should move. I am
confused. I dont want a person to be able to do this.

in Advance

Jay Freedman

Hi, Bill,

There are two ways to handle this. One is to make a table, set the table row
heights to Exact values so they can't expand, and put each form field in a
cell of the table. The user will still be able to type more text, including
paragraph marks, but none of the extra text will appear in the field. If
you're using macros to retrieve the field results, this is not acceptable;
but for printing only, it's ok.

The other solution is to do some macro programming in the form template to
change the behavior of the Enter key, so it works like the Tab key whenever
the cursor is inside a form field. That's described in detail at



WD97: How to Code the ENTER Key to Move to Next Field in Protected Form;en-us;187985

This article shows how to use VBA to reassign the Enter Key function so it
moves to the next field instead of inserting line breaks.

Also remeber to set your Field Lengths in the Form [Right Click Field Object
and select Properties]. By default the are unlimited.

Hope this helps.


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