Word 2016 - Difficulties Learning Style Creation/Application


Oct 27, 2020
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I've already spent over four hours scouring the web and watching videos...

I have some text on a document, custom formatted. I want to save this formatting as a style or a style set (I can't tell what the difference is) so I can apply it to a page before I start typing further documents, or to previously typed text. I don't know if I've saved it correctly, because in the style gallery none of the thumbnail previews have names and they are too small to discern what fonts they are using. When I open a text document that I want to change to the new style, I go to the style gallery and run the cursor over the pre-made styles (not knowing if the one I don't know whether I've saved is there or not), but only the spacing changes on the document text, not the font. So, I don't know if all the formatting is being changed or not.

What am I doing wrong? I watched videos where people move the cursor over the style under the Home tab and the font of their document changes according to the style they have selected. Why does this not happen under the Design tab? Or am I doing something wrong?

Also, why are the styles split between two different tabs, the Home and Design? Or are the ones under the Home tab styles and the ones under the Design tab style sets, and do they function differently.

I am totally confused. Can anyone guide me in achieving what I thought would be a simple task.

Basically, I am writing my first novel, have set up the first chapter to my preferred formatting, and desire to retain it for use throughout the rest of the book, without having to set up each chapter anew.

Windows 7.

Thank you.
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