Range headings

Jan 24, 2023
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Hello first,

I am looking for a solution for a while and hope you can help me

Is about it have many headings,
For example

4. heading1
4.1 (4.1)Heading2
4.2 (4.2)Heading2
Text from Heading2

4.3 (4.3) Heading2
4.1.1 (4.1.1) Heading3 ( Heading4

5. heading1
5.1 (5.1)Heading2
5.2 (5.2)Heading2
5.3 (5.3) Heading2
Text from Heading2

5.1.1 (5.1.1) Heading3
5.1.1 ( Heading4

Write Name from heading level 2 with text
((5.3) Heading2)
in excel and ignore the others

Is there a way to run through all heading 2 and find out if this text has
I only want to write headings that contain text (of course this also applies to headings 1 - 4) into excel.

It would already help to find out the range of this heading level

4.1 (4.1)Heading2
4.2 (4.2)Heading2
(Range heading2 4.2)
Text from Heading2
(End Range heading2 4.2)

4.3 (4.3) Heading2
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