Remote stopped working in PowerPoint Presenter View

Feb 22, 2023
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Hi everyone,

First post here.

I've been using MS Office for almost a year now, and ran into an issue this past Sunday that I can't seem to resolve.

I run MS Office on a 2020 M1 MacBook Pro and a 6th generation iPad. When presenting PowerPoint presentations, I use this Logitech R500 remote to advance the slides.

Everything was working fine, but this past Sunday the remote stopped working when using Presenter View (ie. clicking the remote would no longer advance the slides). I have attempted, to no avail, to troubleshoot the issue doing the following:

1. Changing the battery: although the indicator on the clicker didn't show that the battery was depleted, I put in a fresh battery anyway. That didn't work;
2. Powering off the iPad and started it up again: that also didn't work;
3. Turning Bluetooth off and then on again: that didn't work;
4. Re-pairing the clicker: I had the iPad "forget this device" and then paired it again with the iPad, but that didn't work either;
5. Connecting the clicker via USB: I used the USB dongle that comes with the clicker to connect to the iPad via USB, but that didn't work;
5. Performing software update on the iPad: I keep my devices relatively up to date, but updated my iPad to iOS 16.3.1. Still, that didn't work.

Since then, I've noticed the remote works when not in Presenter View (eg. when I'm on the "Home" or "Slide Show" tabs). As the remote does work, at times, I figure the issue is not with the hardware (ie. the MBP or the iPad) or the remote, but must be with the software (ie. PowerPoint). Perhaps I inadvertently changed a setting I was unaware of?

Anyway, this is a bit frustrating, so I'm turning to this forum in the hopes that this issue can be resolved.

Any idea what's going on or what I can do to resolve it?


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