Report consisting of multiple subreports



I 've build a dosen of reports (in shape of tables and charts) summing the
data from different angles. Every report shows gross numbers for all the
clients combined.
Now I want to nest all the reports in one principal report, wich is destined
to be opened from form by selecting cboClientName (ClientID value) and
pressing control button. The report, thus, will be filtered (as all of its
subreports will be linked by child ClientID value) and show the data only for
the chosen client. I plan to have Report Header (1st page with heading and
client' name), the main part (all the subreports), Page Footer with date (on
every page)

Please help me with designing such a principal report (PR):

1) What PR section should I put ClientID control in(wich will serve as a
master link)?
2) What PR section should I nest all the subreports in one by one? This
provided with the fact that the overall length of the subreports combined may
reach 8-9 pages (every subreport fills 1/3 to 1.5 pages length).
3) I also need to insert pagebreaks after every 1 to 3 subreports in order
to start different "subblock" of data from new page.

Thank You in advance.


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