Saving: Visio Internal Error #3400



Hi -
I've had this error come up a few times and am wondering
if anyone knows the cause of the error:

Visio Internal Error #3400; Action 1004: Save first then
try closing and reopening the file. Next try restarting

Problem is Visio won't allow me to save at all, and I
loose all my changes. (Note: It doesn't appear to matter
if I'm trying to save to a shared or a local drive, the
error pops up just the same.)

Currently using Visio 2000 SR1 6.0.2072.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks. =)
Feb 5, 2024
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Are you working with a vsdx file? I saved to the older vsd format and was able to work with that file. Saving it to a vsdx caused a repro of the save error.

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