Shared Borders Content Template



I may be stretching the capabilities of FrontPage 2002 but I thought I’d give
this a try.

I setup a shared border for the top banner of all the pages in my website
and this worked great. I would like to use the content template on the left
to display the navigation buttons which also worked great, however when I do
this, the top border shifts to the right.

Is there a way to resize the content template to start below the shared

Thanks ahead of time…


Sounds like you are mixing Frames with Shared Borders. This is not a
good idea.

The best way forward is to forget the Frames. If you must use Shared
borders (there are better ways such as Include files and tables) then
use top and left borders for your banner and navigation.

Frames will bring problems for your users - search engines will point to
a page, not to the frameset, resulting in no navigation for the page.
Bookmarks will either point to the frame set (when the user wanted to
bookmark a particular page) or to the page - again resulting in a
navigation loss.

If you are not using frames, then please give a link to a page which
shows this behaviour.

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