Sigmoid Curve


Claire C


Apologies if my question appears basic or I don't include relevant info!

I've been asked to plot a sigmoid curve to plot the sales cycle of a
product. I don't know if a sigmoid curve is alway a certain shape (like the
product life cycle ) or if it depends on the data I enter? Either way, how
would I go about plotting one in Excel 2003?

I then need to plot several points along this curve - is this also doable?

Thanks in advance,



Bernard Liengme

This will tell you what a sigmoid curve is:

If you already have the data and you plot Sales against dates then you may
or may not get a sigmoid curve. Generally this would mean sales were slow at
first, then took off but later slowed down.

If you want to just make up data so that when plotted it looks sigmoidal,
please send message to my private email address.

best wishes



adriana vidal

Hi Bernard,

I need to smooth the curve I created with Excel and can't find the right function to do it in the 2007 MS Excel version. Basically my data resembles an S shape and want to make it sigmoideal. I found this old post and wonder if you could help me.

Thanks! Adriana

PS: I do not have your private email address.

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