Subweb, Virtual Directory IIS 6, Front Page 2002


Arthur Mnev

After hitting my head against the wall for a few hours, I finally
figured out why Front page extensions (and hence, VS.NET 2003) refused
to find a project located in a place other then IIS root directory. I
hope this will save some trouble for those trying to do the same.

The trick is in subwebs and virtual directories combination. IIS6 &
FP2002 mandates that only subwebs will be visible to FP client. On the
other hand, virtual directory will be visible to IIS process itself
(hence the browser trying to access said virtual directory). To solve
this, create a virtual directory as you normally would, then go to FP
administrator and create a subweb with the SAME name as virtual
directory is. ie:

Application File location \\SOMESYSTEM\SHARED_DISK

Assuming we want application accessed as HTTP://servername/MYAPP
For that, create virtual directory MYAPP pointing to
Make sure that that application doesn't contain existing FP extensions
(if it does, delete directories _vti* in there)
Then, go to FP Administrator, and create a subweb for the web site
name MYAPP. That is it. One point to keep in mind, permissions for the
IIS account on the remote share must exist. If IIS runs under local
account credentials, this could become a bit complicated.

Hope it helps.

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