Botched up a Virtual Directory pointer


Jackson T. Cole

I have Project Server 2003, SP1, running against 3 database instances - my
normal EPM, the MS "Sample" demo, and a sandbox instance. Today, when I tried
to connect Professional to the sandbox I get the following error:

Operation failed - You are attempting to connect to a Microsoft Project
Central Server which is not supported by this version of Project.

PWA will connect OK, display a task view, edit and save the usual
Enterprise fields. The OLAP cube builds OK. Both other instances are OK.

I ran EditSite utility , and when I tested the instance's virtual
directory, it failed both "MSADC" and "Virtual Directory". The expanded
message box contained:

The IIS Virtual Directory has been deleted or renamed. Check that ...

and that is absolutely correct!

A couple of weeks ago I was experimenting with changing the logos that
appear in PWA. My site was set up to use ONE central folder for all three PWA
web sites, so in order to get a completely independent sandbox, I copied the
folder tree to a new place, changed the location in IIS, changed the logo
files, and sure enough I got a different set of logos in the sandbox PWA.
However, I did not check Professional, so I assume are other steps in this
process to get an existing virtual directory to point to a new folder tree.

I'm at a loss as how get out of this pickle! "Project Server - Unleashed"
doesn't seem to give a lot of help. EditSite doesn't seem to offer any edits
for virtual directories, only database instances.

Any help is appreciated. Simply point me to the right manual would be a


Jackson T. Cole

Recovered by renaming the sandbox's folder to its previous setting.

I am beginning to think that a "delete/add" cycle may be the only way to
cleanly change a virtual directory's physical folder location?


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