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I have a line chart that has the x and y data on the opposite axes to what I
need. I can't figure out how to get my data to chart correctly. The data is
basically as follows and I need height on the y axis and Distance on the x
axis, with each distance group in a common series or line:

Height Distance1 Distance2 Distance3 etc
1 x11 x21 x31
3 x13 x23 x33
5 x15 x25 x35
8 x18 x28 x38

The closest I can get is height on the x axis and distance on the y axis.

I'm sure there must be something I'm missing.

Thanks, Kris

Mike Middleton

Kris -

I suggest using an XY (Scatter) chart type, not a Line chart type.

Select only the data for height and Distance1, not the top row labels, and
create an XY (Scatter)chart.

Then add each other XY data series. For more explicit instructions, specify
which version of Excel you are using.

- Mike

Jon Peltier

If you put the Y data to the right of the X data, Excel has a better
chance of getting it right. However, three sets of X and one of Y is not
something Excel does readily.

Put the Height column to the right of the Distance columns.
Select the Distance 1 data, then hold CTRL while selecting the Height
data, and make an XY chart.
Do this for the rest of the Distance columns:
Select the Distance i data, then hold CTRL while selecting the Height
data. Select the chart, use Paste Special to add the data as a new
series, with category values in the first column. Repeat as needed.

- Jon

Mike Middleton

Kris -

Oops! I missed that you wanted Height on the Y axis.

So, follow Jon's method, i.e., first copy or move the Height column to the
far right. Then select X and Y data, create the XY (Scatter) chart, and add
each other data series.

- Mike

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