X Y (Scatter) Chart EXCEL 2007



I am plotting times on both X and Y axis.

Y axis is fine.

Underlying data fills A 1 to C 7 only.

Data in column B and C is formatted as Time 13:30:55.

Y axis formats correctly as (from top to bottom):-


- and so on down to and including:-


I want exactly the same format on the X axis.

To format X axis I take following actions:-

- go to Format Axis pop up window

- Number tab change this to Time 13:30:55

- Axis Options tab Minimum: Fixed 0.25
- Axis Options tab Maximum: Fixed 0.58333 (As soon as I do this all the
points disappear from chart)
- Axis Options tab Major unit: Fixed 0.041666


Why have all the points disappeared from the chart?

Times now read corrrectly (from 06:00:00 to and including 14:00:00 along
the X axis).

TIA for any replies.

Jon Peltier

Look at the data using dd-mmm-yy hh:mm:ss format. If the dates are not
01-Jan-1900 then you have to extract just the times.

Date/time data is stored in excel as whole number dates + fractional
days for time. A format of hh:mm:ss ignores the date part of the value.

- Jon

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