x-axis scaling



I am trying to create a plot that uses x-axis values of time. Most data
points are in one-hour increments, but a few are only minutes apart (e.g. -
1:00; 2:00; 3:00; 3:01; 4:00). The x-axis scaling assigns them all equal
charting values (i.e. - they all reside an equal distance from one another).
Is there an easy way to assign their actual values to the chart?


I can give you an XY Scatter chart with exact times running up the Y axis.

Is this any good for you?

You might be able to play around with it to see if you can get it to do
exactly what you want it to do.


Actually, I'm creating an environmental stress profile having two y-axis
values (temperature and voltage - with different scales); and time in the
x-axis. There are short periods of time where the temp and voltage
transition; and long periods of time between. So I want the plot to show
that information accurately (i.e. - steep transitions).

Jon Peltier

Make an XY chart, which will show the times proportionally. A line chart
spaces them equally regardless of value.

In 2007 you'll have to convert times to fractions (24 hours = a whole
day, so 12 hours = 0.5 etc.) in order to enter them as scale parameters.
Previous versions were smart enough to accept times or dates in the dialogs.

- Jon

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