Employee Schedule not plotting properly - chart type / data series not correct

Discussion in 'Excel Charting' started by rbrookov, May 7, 2013.

  1. rbrookov

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    Attached is my spreadsheet (SHIFT_COMPARE) which is supposed to plot th
    work hours that employees are scheduled to work vs the day they ar
    working, on a weekly basis.

    It consists of 3 worksheets: "Const", "Sched", & "Chart".

    "Const" = a "back end" sheet containing constants & raw data which
    used to create static & dynamic ranges

    "Sched" = the data sheet where the manager will select the employee
    choose that employee's start time & day(s) they are requested to work

    "Chart" = the output of "Sched" in a visual chart showing eac
    employee's work schedule per day and time, on a weekly basis.

    For this example, all I'm showing is an abbreviated version of "Sched
    (in reality, the work days & shifts are 24/7)

    Anyway, I'm having difficulty presenting the chart the way I want it t
    be presented.

    For instance, if Emp1 is scheduled to work on Sun from 7:00 AM to 3:0
    PM, I want it to show a bar for Emp1 starting on Sun (X-axis) from 7:0
    AM on the Y-axis & goes to 3:00 PM on the Y-Axis. (and likewise for al
    other Employees & their respective work schedules).

    However, it seems to be starting each employee from 12:00 Midnigh
    (rather than their correct start time), as well as plotting the Star
    Time (i.e, "7:00 AM") as one point vs Midnight and the End Time (ie
    3:00 PM) as another point vs Midnight - obviously it should plot it a
    one bar going from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and appropriately for eac
    additional day worked, as well as appropriately for each employee.

    I'm pretty sure this has to do w/ Excel choosing the data in a serie
    that I'm not wanting - but I'm not sure how to fix it?

    While I'm "begging" for help, 1 other (minor, albeit annoying) issue:

    1.) the legend creates instances for all employees, regardless o
    whether they have been scheduled to work that week or not (in my exampl
    Employee 4 is not scheduled to work at all, yet he shows up in th

    Any & all help provided will be most appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Excel 2003, SP

    |Filename: SHIFT_COMPARE.zip
    |Download: http://www.excelbanter.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=869
    rbrookov, May 7, 2013
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