Table Column Widths Fixing Size in Word 2010

Discussion in 'Word Tables' started by TW Smith, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. TW Smith

    TW Smith Guest


    Automatically resize to fit contents is turned off.

    I have found two ways to set the width of a table column in Word 2010: one in Table Properties and the other in Table Tools > Layout.

    I have had issues with column sizes changing without my input. My Word-guru-certified coworker tells me that "Preferred Width" in Table Properties should not be used because it is not precise, whereas Table Tools > Layout >Width will lock the width for sure.

    However, looking at the Table tab in Table Properties, I have found that the table Preferred Width value there affects the Width of the columns regardless of which you choose.

    So, why are my table column widths changing without my input (for example, would placing a graphic mess these up?), and how do I stop them doing so?

    What is the difference between setting table column width in these two locations (Table Properties > Column and Table Tools > Layout > Width) and which is more reliable? Perhaps you could point me to a URL for an explanation of this, also?

    TW Smith, Jan 21, 2014
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  2. Hi,
    click "AutoFit | Fixed Column Width":
    No difference. To get exactly width, you have to disable AutoFit
    Lisa Wilke-Thissen, Jan 21, 2014
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  3. TW Smith

    TW Smith Guest

    So, I had a situation where the individual column widths in Table Tools > Layout > Width totaled more than the Preferred Width value in Table tab in Table Properties.

    How does that happen?

    TW Smith, Jan 21, 2014
  4. TW Smith

    Stefan Blom Guest

    If you change the total width of the table, columns will resize
    proportionally, and at least one of them will lose the specified "Preferred
    width" setting (it will be cleared).

    Clicking Table Tools Layout | AutoFit | Fixed Column Width gives you control
    over column widths. When you select the option, Word clears the "Preferred
    width" setting for the whole table and disables "Automatically resize to fit
    contents" in the Table Options dialog box.
    Stefan Blom, Jan 23, 2014
  5. TW Smith

    Stefan Blom Guest

    If you can't get this to work, the table might be corrupt. Try converting it
    to text and then convert back the text into a table.
    Stefan Blom, Jan 23, 2014
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