TOC Numbering


Mandi Arvanitakis


I am using Word 2002 XP and have used styles in my 90 page document for all
my headings. When I do my TOC - Section 5 which is on page 75 shows in my
TOC as being on page 79. What's happening??



Bruce Brown

Mandi - Sounds like the TOC pages are being included.

Have you put in Next Page Section Breaks between each different
section in the document, including the Table of Contents? If the
sections following the TOC are not divided by Next Page Section
Breaks, each starting at #1, the TOC pages themselves will be included
in the main section pagination. - Bruce


Also, make sure your formatting marks are not showing
(i.e., click the Show/Hide button). If these marks are
displayed, they change your page endings.




If when you "click on" the TOC for section 5 and it takes you to page 79
instead of 75 check the style of the line on page 75 and 79 both should not
be associated with TOC 5

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