"UML Class Properties" dialog can not display all the stuff



I am doing UML model diagram using Visio 2003 and got a problem. It looks
"UML Class Properties" dialog can not display all the stuff. I tried to ajust
the size of the form, but it doesn't work either. I have reinstall the Visio,
unfortunately the problem still happens.

Actually, not only the "UML Class Properties" dialog but also all the "UML *
Properties" dialog (the * could be such things like- Subsystem, Package,
Model... I guess they all use the same dialog template) have the same
problem. I wonder if this is a bug in Visio 2003.

You can duplicate it easily. Firstly, launch Visio and create a new UML
Model Diagram, then Right-click any item in 'Model Explorer' tree and select
properties from the context menu. At the moment, the "UML * Properties"
dialog appears and you can see the problem mentioned before.




Senaj Lelic [DE MVP Visio]

Hi botem,

sorry but i dont see the problem - all data, properties and methods are
visible for me

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