Unable to change connector endpoint sizes.



I recently found that I am no longer able to change connector endpoint
sizes in Visio (Visio 2003 for Enterprise Architects, running on
Vista). I can choose the endpoint type/shape, but the size dropdown
will not expand.



Barb Way

(Cross-posting response from the Troubleshooting / Visio newsgroup)

There is an issue with the way Visio 2003 created the Combo Boxes (drop
downs) on Vista. We plan to address that in the next Service Pack for
Visio 2003 - but there is no specific announced date on the SP3 release yet.

In the meantime, you can work around the problem by manually editing the
ShapeSheet for the connectors:
a. Select a connector.
b. Open the Window menu, and select "Show ShapeSheet".
c. In the ShapeSheet window, scroll down to the "Line Format" section.
d. To change the size of the beginning arrow, edit the cell
"BeginArrowSize", for the ending arrow, edit the cell "EndArrowSize".
The possible values are :
0 Very small
1 Small
2 Medium
3 Large
4 Extra large
5 Jumbo
6 Colossal

I would suggest that you create a connector or two on your drawing and
customize them to fit your needs. Then you can either copy the connector
to where you need one of that size, or use the Format Painter tool to copy
the formatting to existing connector lines.

Barb Way
Product Support - Visio
Microsoft Corporation
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