Unable to open .xls file with macros on Sony Vaio laptop


Dave Haymes

We have Excel files with macros on our network server. All workstations have
now been upgraded and run Office 2007. We can view excel files with macros on
all our workstations, except for the Sony Vaio laptop. This laptop could view
the macros when it ewas running Office 2003. Does nayone know of any issues
with Sony Vaio laptops or any specific computer settings that may need
looking at (I've tried amending the security settings and have re-installed
Office 2007). Thanks.


Hi Dave,

This is probably not your problem but choose Office Button, Excel Options,
Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Show Message bar....

Dave Haymes

Hi Shane,

Thanks for the suggestion, however, this option was already slected. When I
try to open the document, I get a security warning in the message bar saying
'some active content has been disabled' with an options button. I then click
the options button and select 'enable this content'. When I do the macro
buttons that were on screen disappear. Do you have any other suggestions?
Thanks for your help.


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