Upgrade OL 2007 BCM to OL 2010 BCM Beta



I am in a real bind. I loaded Office Pro Plus 2010 (Beta) which installed
fine and running well. My problem is trying to load in BCM. I have
attempted at 8 times and nothing...I have sent frowns to support and to the
blog but I have not received a response.

The reason I am in a bind - as a condition of upgrade the OL BCM 2010
installation deletes 2007 BCM. I can't get 2010 installed and I don't know
that I can reinstall 2007 BCM which I don't really want to, because I am
anxious to work with 2010 because of all the new features. In fact I was
briefy with another CRM software, however, when I saw all the new features of
2010 I thought I would go back.

This has not been a pleasant experience because it appears the BCM Team is
responding to others but not my requests for assistance.

If you can suggest how I can get this issue resolved I would be greatly
appreciative. I do not have access to my data and it is hurting my

Thanks for listening and I hope to God I can get someone to help!


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