Using IF statement with sheets



I have several sheets named with the date such as 4.8 up to
5.8. On each sheet have rows of data with calculations for
percentages of trying to determine if the row of data is at 3%. I
created a tab called Summary. I am manually inputting the row of
that is above 3% by going to each tab(sheet) and doing a filter and
looking at the bottom left hand corner of the screen that displays
number of rows above 3% in the filter. Then I input that number on
the Summary sheet.

Summary Sheet
row 2 col a 4.8 and col b 100
row 3 col a 4.9 and col b 50

What I'm trying to do is the following:

1. create a graph
2. automatically come up with an IF statement for each row for all of
my sheets. Don't know how to do this as of yet.

Is there an IF statement/formula that will save me some time?

I am open to any ideas and suggestions for making this work easier.



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