VBA Linking to a Sharepoint List with a Multivalued field


Paul O'Neal

I have an MS Access 2007 database, which links to a custom Sharepoint list.

If I manually import a given list which contains a multivalued field, the link works correctly.

If however I attempt to create the link via VBA code (which I need to do for user authentication purposes) the link is created but does not include the multivalued fields. This is the same behavior if the link is created while in a 2003 database format.

I suspect the problem then is somehow related to the fact that the VBA methods are not recognizing the 2007 functionality as relates to multivalued fields, but I cannot find any reference to possible solutions. My current VBA contains the following:

Public Function rebuildSPlinks()

Dim db As Database
Dim tbl As TableDef
Dim strame As String
Dim strconnect As String

Set db = CurrentDb()

(I define the strname and strconnect values then proceed....)

Set tbl = db.CreateTableDef(strname)
tbl.Connect = strconnect
tbl.SourceTableName = strname

db.TableDefs.Append tbl

Any insight on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


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