Visio generated web page links open at top level and not in frame



I have an odd issue. I am using a visio generated web page in an inline frame
within the body of a standard three frame page (banner navigation and body.

My problem is that when the user clicks a link in the visio generated web
page the linked page opens at the top window level rather than just in the
inline frame.

If I link to a normal page (rather than the visio webfile) inside the iframe
- links from the page only update the iframe (hence it is not an issue with
iFrame) so my conclusion is that it is a problem with the way visio webfiles
are created.

Can anyone shed light on this




Hi Ian,

Same issue here. I have tried various options such as adding the ...

"Target="_self to the end of the Hypelink

.... option offered in this forum.

Also tried using the "Frame" option in the ShapeSheet options. I have tried
_Self _Parent _MyFrameName etc. These just don't even seem to be parsed to
the HTML or Java code at all. They all end up as _Blank in the code.

Also tried iFrame options. Works fine for the 1st page, but any subsequent
links don't hold in the Frame set.

So currently all to no avail.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. It would be a shame to have to
revert to saving the Visio drawings as JPG pictures and manually mapping
Hyperlink Buttons.

Steve B


Hi Steve

Sorry but I never really adequately resolved this issue. I use some script
to trap the event at the top level and display the information I want. It
refreshes the whole page which is not desirable as I have a jscript menu that
reverts to its collapsed state every time - plus of course time delays and
traffic etc but my solution is a proof of concept so thats not the end of the

Hope you have more luck than I did. If you get any more information on the
issue please post it here for the benefit of all - especially me :)




Hi Ian,

Due to John Goldsmith nudging me in the right direction, I managed to find a
solution. The answer turned out to be quite simple in the end. Here's the
full method for completeness.

Preparation: Design your Visio Drawing and add the Hyperlinks as usual. Then
open the Stylesheet for the objects you wish to target the frames for, and
amend NewWindow cell to True if a new window is required. Or in my case
ensure that it is still set to False (i.e. no new window required). Next save
the drawing using the Save as Web Page option. During this phase I use the
Publish button rather than the Save button, and I ensure that the settings
are as I require. i.e. Details, Goto Page, Search Pages, and Pan and Zoom are
the only selections I use in the General Tab. Also in the Advanced Tab I
select VML, JPEG Alternate format, and I target the size of the drawing to

Fix: After publishing as a Save as Web Page we get the main HTM page and the
Files directory as described by John in his blog mentioned earlier. So now
open in an editor the "frameset.js" file within the Files directory. Then
search for "top.location" and replace with "self.location". I had 2 instances
in all my tests.

You can now use the main.HTM page with a frame reference in your Intranet
etc. and any Hyperlinks should open in the same targetted frame.

I hope this helps. Let me know if this solves your issues too.

Steve B

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