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I'm trying to see if there's any way to create a "link" shape that,
when clicked or dbl-clicked, would scroll the display to another
shape. In other words, if I have a bunch of "slide" shapes on my visio
page, I'd like to have a table of contents slide with links that
reference some of my other slides (shapes with text and graphics).
Similarly, I'd like to put a small "link" shape on each of my slides
to go back to the table-of-contents slide. I know I can do this by
creating a page for each of my "slides", but I like having all of my
slides on the same page so I can zoom out and see them all at the same
time. Is this possible? Would I need a VBA script? Can anyone suggest

Thanks in advance,





check John Marshall's site ( He has a couple of vba examples
for toc's.




While not as elegant as what you might find at John's site, if you want to
avoid using code, you can use hyperlinks. The Visio help is pretty good on
this topic. So your "TOC" shape would have hyperlinks to each of the
"slides". Each slide would hyperlink back to the TOC or to the next slide if
you so desire. Each HL can have it's own zoom factor.

You need to know the name of each "slide", typically, something like sheet.2
or sheet.3. To find the name, go to the menu bar > View > Drawing Explorer.
In the DE window, expand Foreground Pages, expand the Page your shapes are
on, expand the Shapes folder. Then click each shape shown and the
corresponding shape will be selected in the drawing window. Thus you have
that shape's name.


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