Word 2003: Remove Hidden Data Tool error



I recently installed Office 2010 while retaining Office 2003.

Everything went smoothly, but while removing a couple of unwanted add-
ons from Word 2010 I seem to have inadvertently messed something up in
Word 2003.

Every time I open Word 2003 now I get a Remove Hidden Data Tool error.

I read the posts at <http://forums.cnet.com/7723-6129_102-109038.html>
and tried to rectify the situation by adding "rhd.dot" back to the add-
ins but it didn't 'stick'.

I then copied "rhd.dot" into my Word 2003 startup folder and I can now
see it in the list of add-ins, but I still get the error when I start
Word 2003.

Any suggestions for how to rectify the situation?

Thank you.

Herbert Eppel


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