WORD 2007, Numbering & Styles



I am writing a manual and need to number the instructions to complete various
tasks. It is tedious to manually apply the numbering - not manually number,
but manually click on the numbering button and customise it each time I want
to apply it.

So, I created a style, based on the normal style, with numbering applied.
The problem I have encountered is that it works the first time I apply the
style, but not the next, or next. The second, or subsequent applications of
the style do NOT restart the numbering. Instead it continues the previous
list,which I do not want it to do. Each time I use it, I want it to restart
the numbering at 1. I have copied the style definition below. I cannot see
what is wrong or what is missing to make this style reset the numbering back
to "1" after it has been applied:

Indent: Left: 0", Hanging: 0.88", Tab stops: 0.25", Left + Not at 0.38",
Numbered + Level: 1 + Numbering Style: 1, 2, 3, … + Start at: 1 + Alignment:
Left + Aligned at: 0.25" + Indent at: 0.5", Style: Linked, Quick Style,
Based on: BODY, Following style: Normal

If anyone can tell me how to modify this style so that it always begins at
"1", I would be most grateful.

Thank you,



Stefan Blom

When you attach numbering to a paragraph style, it will *not* restart; all
paragraphs with the style applied to them represent a single list. This is
true for Word 97-2007.

You could try setting up a list style, which does seem to restart when
applied to text later in the document (and there are intervening,
non-numbered paragraphs present). If it doesn't restart, you could always
use the Restart at 1 command, available on the context (right-click) menu.

Note, however, that the easiest way to restart numbering in Word is to make
use of an outline list (a multilevel list) where a higher level restarts the
lower ones.

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