Word .doc formatted in caps/lc sent to PC viaemail opens ALL CAPS

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Version: 2008

Not all the time but enough to worry me...my resume nicely formatted in caps and lower case in Word...saved as a .doc formatted...arrives via email to a PC user and opens ALL CAPS? Yikes... embarrassment. Looks awful.

What is up? do they have there settings wrong or at my end?

THANKS experts!!





An issue of that nature is most likely caused at the receiving end or
induced somewhere along the way. If you *must* submit your resumé in a Word
format zip/stuff the file & send that.

FWIW, I strenuously object to sending anything of that nature in an editable
form... That's what PDFs are for :) It not only ensures that the document
presents as intended but it also helps prevent unauthorized modifications.

HTH |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

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