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Michael T

Any help would be appreciated...

I want to have a column graph where I show the number of customer meetings
necessary before a sale is completed.

I have a graph where the X axis is the number of times that a customer has
been met before a sale has been completed.
The Y axis is the number of clients for each number of sale meetings.
Therefore it shows for example that 6 customers took 10 sales meetings, 8
customers took 7 sales meetings and 9 customers took 4 sales meetings
before sale.

N 12
O. 11
O 9 *
F 8 *
C 6 *
U 5
S 4
T 3
S. 2

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

All is fine except that I do NOT want to show values where there has been a
single sales meeting resulting in a sale since this is treated differently.

I have altered that data source and the graph is exactly as I want with the
labels for the Y axis and the data-values on the columns.
However, the labels for the X axis start at 1 and I need to start at 2
rather than 1. I
cannot see how to set the X axis labels to start at 1. (It seems to be
possible to do this for the Y axis in the scale option.)

Any ideas please?

Many thanks,




Bernard Liengme

You can do it for the y-axis since these are true numbers but in a column
chart the x-values are categories - they may have digits in them but they
are treated as text.
Workaround: in your data add a category 1 but for its y-value type =NA().
This will display as #N/A and the chart engine will know how to treat this
as "nothing" rather than "zero"

1 #N/A
2 9

Do not put a title over the Meeting column until the chart is made - Excel
will think you want two data series
best wishes

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