Access and Sharepoint 2007




I have a input table in Access which i have linked to a sharepoint site (in
datasheet view). For eg.. I am requesting multiple people to submit their

After their submission is complete, there go to another sharepoint site and
change a cell from Forecast Pending to Forecast Submitted. This triggers a
work flow in sharepoint which sends out email to various people that the
forecast is submitted.

The actual Access file is stored on my harddisk. Now what i want it that
once the user changes the cell to Forecsat submitted, it invokes a process to
call a procedure in Access which runs around a 100 queries in access to
analysis their input.

Is this possible ? Currently after i get the email notification, I manually
go and run the procedure in access and re-publish the analysed report on

Example of the procedure in Access.

Private Sub SMSPProcessrun_Click()

On Error Resume Next
DoCmd.SetWarnings off

' Update Seg and RSD %
DoCmd.OpenQuery "020a_Delete Budget with PL only"
DoCmd.OpenQuery "020b_Append FY08 Budget with PL only"
DoCmd.OpenQuery "021a_Delete FY08 Seg%"
DoCmd.OpenQuery "021b_Append to Seg%"



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