access database and sharepoint list



We have an access database working with our sharepoint website.

Basically what it does is it links to an csv file of our staff directory
information, then there are some process of queries to update the information
then push to the sharepoint list. We have tables in access linking with
sharepoint list.
Every time we run the autoexec macro, it will run the whole process and
update sharepoint list. But now when I run it, I got error:" the schema for
the table has changed. You must refrech the table before editing or adding
new records."

The only thing I know this happened right after our sharepoint
admininstrator add a view to our staff directory on the sharepoint site.

On the website we have a staff directory for all our school district
employees, then we created view of each school. I know the admin added a view
yesterday for a special school to the list on sharepoint site. He didn't do
anything to the Access database.

So I checked the school is in the database, so don't know how to fix it.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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