ActualFinishDate being set to the same date as FinishDate when markedas complete, regardless of the


Scott Kollarik


Our users have a process by which all tasks and approvals are handled via PWA after the initial project is set up from Project 2010. I have noticed what appears to be a bug in the way ActualFinishDate is set when a user setsa task at 100% and then it is approved. Here's the scenario:

1. A user marks an overdue task as complete and then saves / publishes thattask for approval. The overdue task's StartDate is 07/29/2012 and FinishDate is 07/31/2012, but the user marks it as complete on 08/01/2012 (a day late)
2. The PM goes to the Approval center, and then Approves and publishes the approved task.

When we look at the ActualFinishDate of the task, we would expect it to be marked as 08/01/2012, as that is the date at which the task was marked as complete. However, in reality the ActualFinishDate is marked as 07/31/2012,which is the original FinishDate for the task.

The problem with that is that we can only report on current overdue tasks, but we have no history of users finishing tasks late, as the ActualFinishDate doesn't reflect the *Actual* Finish Date, but rather the *original* Finish Date as set in the project.

Is there a workaround for this? Keep in mind that ALL of the users actionsare orchestrated in PWA, not Project 2010.

Scott Kollarik


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