MS Project. Real progress of the project, % complete

Oct 31, 2019
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Hello! Is there a formula or some way to calculate the real progress of the project in %? Unfortunately, there are no resources, no money, no time spent, only tasks with their duration, start, finish, baseline and % completion. Tried through the formula of the planned % completion:
Round(IIf([Milestone],IIf([Start]>=[Status Date],0,100),IIf([Start]>=[Status Date],0,IIf(ProjDateDiff([Finish],[Status Date],[Project Calendar])>0,100,ProjDateDiff([Start],[Status Date],[Project Calendar])/[Duration]*100)))) & "%"
But it does not reflect reality, it is simply tied to the status date, and if we increase the % of completion as, for example, ahead of the plan, the indicator does not change. We also tried another method, created 2 numerical fields, one assigned the values of the formula IIf([% Complete]=100,1,0), the second one - IIf([Milestone],0,1) then calculated by formula: IIf([Summary],Format([Number1]/[Number2],"###%")," ") , but still the calculations are not quite accurate, besides, with the increase in the percentage of completion tasks, the formula calculates 104% for some tasks.
We would be fine with the results of the planned % completion formula if it could be tied to the task's % completion, not just the status date. But there's no way we can succeed. We call for the help of the collective mind. Is it possible to do such formula? Are there other methods for calculating the real progress of the project? Thank you!


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