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Dec 7, 2021
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Hi all...newbie to the forums so hopefully I'm putting this query in the right spot.

I have been using this formula for ages to display the number of weeks from the Project Start Date: DateDiff("d",[Project Start],[Start])/7, and it works really well.

However, the current project I am planning has a ton of work we need to complete prior to the client-agreed Project Start Date. So I have a section in my schedule labelled "Pre-ED (Effective Date) Activities" to capture this work. The work kicks off with the MS Project Start Date, which is about 6 weeks before the proper Project Start Date.

We want to capture the pre-ED work to demonstrate to our client the extent of this "unpaid" work.

So my question is: How do I modify the above formula to calculate from an input Milestone (KMS0: Project Start/Effective Date)?

Thanks for the assist!

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