Tracking , Resource Loading & % Complete querry


Rohit K


A )
Have saved my non resource non cost loaded schedule as Baseline and
started updating the schedule from 01.06.11 as follows (it is only a
task activity schedule):

1.Project - Project Information-Update the status date
2.Tools -Tracking-Save Baseline-Entire Project = Saved the schedule as
3.View - Table - Tracking & again View - Tracking Gnatt
4.Adjust the columns that we want to view in the Tracking Gnatt
5.Then I have entered the Acual Start date & Actual Finish date of an
Activity along with the Physical % Complete. This % I am calculating
from the quntum of work.(Say from 100 sqm of levelling 40 sqm is
completed then Physical % complete = 40%.)
6.Tools - Tracking-Update Project- Reschedule uncompleted work to
start after: I entered the Status Date of the project and For Entire
Project was selected.

Is this the procedure correct to track a baseline schedule or there is
any other way ?

If I have to allocate resources to the activities,
Act a : Shuttering 15.07.11 to 15.09.11 (BQ=5000 sqm) , output of 1
carp=5sqm / day, so required for this particular activity say =5000 /
(60*5)= 17 nos. Now this is for a particular activity a. Similarly if
there are n activities involving the carpenters I will allocate the
resources. But where shall I be entering the Max Carpenters in

If I require to show the % planned for an activity, the formula I got
from searching the numerous threads here is as follows

IIf([Baseline Start]>[Status Date],0,IIf([Baseline Finish]<=[Status
Date],100,ProjDateDiff([Status Date],[Baseline Start],"Standard")/
ProjDateDiff([Baseline Finish],[Baseline Start],"Standard")*100))

but it is showing for some activities as 200%.

I have entered this formula in the following way:
Tools-Customize- Fields- Type-Number 1 (renamed it as % planned)
Custom attributes - Formula (the above formula)
Then inserted a Date 1(renamed as Status date) column and said

Request the experienced persons to guide me in my queery.

Thanks in advance.


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