Changing Baseline dates due to snow days



Novice project user here. I have a project with hundreds of tasks baselined to agreed-upon durations. My government customer measures our performance against the baseline finish dates. At the end of the year we are measured by how many baseline finishes we meet or beat.

When the government is closed (due to snow lately), our baseline finish date is allowed to be pushed back a day - treating the snow day as a non-working day. All subsequent tasks linked to the current task also get bumped a day.

I don't know how to do this without manually changing every baseline date in the schedule. Our customer and my colleagues believe it should be an easy fix - just change the calendar to show the snow day as a non-working day - however the baseline start and finish dates are fixed and do not shift a day just because I add a non-working day to the calendar.

My thoughts:

This could be done by a macro with the logic of: add 1 day to any baseline start or finish date after the specified snow day, provided the tasks were linked to an affected task.


The schedule could be re-created in a way such that I can capture agreed-upon start/finish planned dates and easily adjust them in the event of the addition of a non-planned non-working day. I'm open to re-creating the schedule as there are many other issues with this (inherited) schedule I'm not afan of.

Any ideas?


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