MS Project 2016 - all tasks not showing in Calendar View

Feb 19, 2018
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Hi - I am trying to figure out a way to view all tasks from the task list in the calendar view. I see the black arrow that shows there is an overflow with more tasks, and then I drag the week height down to try and view all tasks, and while I can see most, there are some that are still missing.

The black overflow arrow remains and when I click "Task List" in the Format tab, I can still see the overflow tasks which are not checked as showing (non-editable).

Additionally, I have tried to re-layout using the "Layout Now" button, but this just resets the work or does not work. I have tried the "Attempt to fit as many tasks as possible" and also tried sorting by ID, Priority, Start Date, and End Date - nothing works.

Has anyone figured out how to resolve this issue? I need a calendar view that shows all tasks and my project has many activities that span multiple weeks and seem to not work well with the MS Project 16 calendar functionality.

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