Setup and synchronization of Outlook 2016/2019 calendars on iPhone

Apr 23, 2022
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I am running Outlook 2016 on my desktop computer and 2019 Outlook on my laptop. I have multiple email accounts that are unique to each computer. I would like to have the calendars associated with those email accounts automatically downloaded to my iPhone and kept in sync with my Outlook calendars. I thought I could do it by installing Outlook for iOS on my iPhone. I downloaded Outlook to the iPhone and set up the mail accounts. They all appear to be working. However, when I click on the calendar tab in iOS I get the message "No Connected Calendars". If I select the option to add an account I get a message that it already exists. What do I have to do to get the calendars set up and connected? Or does that only work with If I go into Settings/Calendar/Accounts the only options there are for mail and notes. No toggle switch for Calendar.


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