Resource Pool Project 2016 Standalone - how to remove reference to previously Shared, now deleted, files

Dec 18, 2019
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In Project 2016 Standalone:
I have a standalone ResourcePool.mpp that I have linked to a number of Project.mpp files. To keep it simple for this example say ProjectA.mmp and ProjectB.mmp. I then went and Deleted ProjectB.mpp. When I go into ResourcePool.mpp then Resource>ResourcePool>Resource Sharing. The list of files linked to the ResourcePool.mpp still shows ProjectB.mpp.

I highlight ProjectB.mpp and Break Link. Close and reopen ResourcePool.mpp and ProjectB.mpp still shows in the Sharing Link list. I do not have ProjectB.mpp still available so I can't Break Link from ProjectB.mpp.

My dilemma in this scenario is I have 10x different ProjectX.mpp files associated to ResourcePool.mpp and it is very confusing which files are contributing to the Resource Overview reports.

How can I clear the Sharing Link list or just remove the erroneous references? Unfortunately, Project Server is not an option at this point.

Thanks in advance,

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