Weighted % Complete calculation

Feb 26, 2018
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Hello MS Project Guru's,

I am using MS Project 2010 and am trying to create a weight percent complete. I understand the % Complete = (Actual Duration / Duration) * 100. But I need a % complete based on the weight of each task.

So I created a custom field, Weight[Number1], to denote the weight of each task and populated each task with its associated weight. The weight equals 100 for each Child Summery task when it is a 100% complete.

Then created a second custom field, Weight Complete[Number2], and used the formula [% Complete]*[Number1]/100 and set the task and group summary rows to Rollup on the sum.

The third custom field, Weight % Complete[Text3], applies a “%” by using formula [Number2] & " %" and setting the task and group summary rows to Use Formula.

All is working properly for the Child Summery tasks. Where things are breaking down are at the Work Package 1 summery task level. Nothing should go over a 100%, yet the summery task rows are showing numbers like 285% and 385%.

How do I get the Summery Task rows to reflect the percentage complete and not the sum of all the Child Summery tasks under Work Package 1?

Any help would be appreciated. Unfortunately, I am unable to upload my .mpp demo to show you what I'm looking at. Attached is the Excel version.



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Mar 6, 2023
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Hi Robert, may I know how did you create your S-Curve based on the custom field?

My normal practice, from the Task Usage view I would choose Percent Complete to make it show the data. from there, I would use the data to make the s-curve manually in excel

However, there's no option to choose custom field (ex: Number 1, Number 2 etc.) , therefore I can't show the data from my custom field.

Hope u can help me thank you.



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