Apple Script in Outlook 365 Mac keystrokes blocked on M1 mac

Sep 16, 2017
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I just switched to an M1 Mac (OS12.3.1) and scripts that worked fine under the Intel Mac (12.3.1) stopped working

… is not allowed to send keystrokes.
System Events got an error: XYZ is not allowed to send keystrokes. (1002)

Now I went to all the known steps to give permission in the Privacy panel (I allowed Accessibility, full disk access and files and folders). I also allowed Script Editor permission.

Looked in the Internet but found nothing (most post are old and/or not for M1Mac).

And I still get this annoying box. Any solutions?

Here is the script.

tell application "Microsoft Outlook" to activate


tell application "System Events"

tell application process "Microsoft Outlook"

set frontmost to true

repeat until frontmost

delay 0.1

end repeat

end tell

delay 0.1

keystroke character id 107 using {control down, command down}

end tell



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