Appointments Recurrences


Mihai Grosu


I want to sync outlook with my prog. I put the Appointments i get from
outlook in my Database.
I have ab Problem with the recurrences:
All the recurences have the same EntryID. My PrimaryKey in the table IS the
I want to get all appointments in a period. "normal" appointments AND

Witch ist the best way??


Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

A master appointment has a recurrence pattern that is used to calculate all
individual occurrences and an Exceptions collection for exceptions.
Individual occurrences don't actually exist. If you iterate an Items
collection make sure to set the Boolean IncludeRecurrences property to get
them all.

But be aware that an unlimited series of recurrences will top out at the
limit of a 32 bit int, so your collection can get huge.

The EntryID problem can't be helped since all the recurrences are actually
on the master appointment of the series. You may have to rethink that part.

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