Bug & Problems Form Region



I have Form Region an Outlook 2007

i have several saved files .MSG emails in my PC folders under the Outlook
2007(Windows XP)

Error: ____________________________
1. open Outlook 2007

2. open file.msg -

3. close file.msg

4. open file.msg -------------------- error cant open file, file in use

if not open or close outlook2007 -----all OK! I can open, close and open
if outlook2007 without Form Region------ all OK! I can open, close and open

Its problem FormRegion or cash all Forms in Outlook ??????????



Ken Slovak

Is the form region showing when you open the msg files? If so take a look
and see if any references to the msg item and it's related Outlook object is
still being held. Make sure you release all references when the object is

You may have to call Marshal.ReleaseComObject() on your references and check
the return reference count to make sure you released all references to the
object. Then you'd call GC.Collect() and GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers().

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