Can I change product key without re-installing the programme?



Someone helped me and installed Microsoft office ultimate 2007 on my computer.
After a while office signalled that this version was not genuine.
I was directed to the microsoft homepage.
I bought a new version of office ultimate 2007 so that it would be genuine.
I got a product key

Now my question: Can I change the product key without re-installing the
office software? I have many office files on my computer and I do not want
them to dissapear. I would also prefer not to re-install the software as it
takes time and will probably add a lot of file fragments on my computer.


Uninstalling doesnt remove data, in any case you have backups dont you?
As for time, about 15 mins


If you have purchased a new product key and not installed the new one, the
product key will convert what is currently on you computer as long as it is
also Ultimate. Removing Office will not disturb and files you have created
with it.

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