Cannot Change Back to Previous Settings After Clicking "Try the new Outlook"

May 23, 2023
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In Outlook version 2303 Build 16227.20318, when you click on Try the new Outlook, there is no option to revert to the old view. The File > Office Account, and File > Options Settings, for the new view have been removed. There isn't even an option to choose File to access other settings. Do not know if this is a bug or working as intended..but the only way I was able to get back to original settings for an end user, was to do a Quick Repair, which didn't work for another user, and when I tried it out to experiment on my own Outlook before all our end users went there, the only way I could get back was to crash Outlook by clicking the immersive reader tab. Then once I opened Outlook my old settings were there and the "Try the new Outlook" button was displayed. ! Anyone else having this issue? Using 365 G3 GCC product and the desktop application.
Thank you,

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