Can not figure out appropriate formula



I am doing up a spread sheet in regards to our photocopier readings for both
colour and black and white. What I need to do is work out how much it is
costing our organisation using the quantity ordered and the price unit for
black and colour.(Listed in row A) I have all the photocopier names and type
in column A and across I have the Quanity (colour), Quantity (B & W), Colour
Price, B&W Price and total cost.

My formula I got given was VLOOKUP(X,Y:Y,2,FALSE)

What I am trying to do is find a formula to add the quantity columns with
the colour and black and white columns. I hope this makes sense


If you have
Quanity (colour) in Col B,
Quantity (B & W) in Col C,
Colour Price in Col D,
B&W Price in Col E and
total cost in in Col F

then this formula in
F2=(B2*D2) + (C2*E2)
will give you the total cost for the printer in A2

You can copy this formula down Col F to get the totals for other printers.

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