Problem with Access 2003 Report Color...



Or should I say Black and White!

We are in the process of commissioning a new multi-function Ricoh as part of a lease renewal. In the past, we had an MP C2800, and have had no issues printing.

Now we have an MP C3002 that we are transitioning to, and it is turning outto be a major pain in the neck!

Firstly, the drivers are all configured by defualt to print in colour! Wellit sure looks pretty, but B&W is less than $0.01 per page, and Colour is something like $0.10 per page (even if it prints only black & white, and even if there is only one colour page in a job - the WHOLE JOB gets charged atthe colour rate!).

So I found a way to use a utility LOCK the PCL5 driver in B&W mode. Despitethis, I have some Access Reports that still over-ride the locked print driver settings and print in Colour! Different reports in the same database behave differently! Some print out in B&W, and some in Colour.

I can find no settings to change the defaults within a single report, so I have no idea why this is happeneing!

We do want to have colour capability, but it is strictly monitored for costreductions, and only to be used in very specific cases.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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